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What we read: December 31, 2019

Yes, it’s almost 2020. But we get one last long look at 2019, AKA this dumpster fire of a year, and the decade. This special edition of What We Read comes on the very last day of 2019. Read on.

First, Vox, my favorite mainstream media publication, published the Decade, Explained. Did you remember that this was the decade that started with so much promise, a la Instagram? Just kidding, but I remember when IG seemed so innocent and fun. And my personal favorite recap is from Ms. Magazine, who traces the evolution (and, frankly, the resurgence) of feminism. Is this feminism’s fourth wave? Not so fast—we have a long way to go. Helpfully, Wear Your Voice defined the political stories of the decade.

From Lisa Fischer at Jezebel, a reminder of celebrity relationship beginnings and endings. Now, where is the post on celebrity folx who began and ended the decade happily single? I guess we have to write that.

From my other favorite publication, Bitch Media, the pop culture happenings of the decade. Rachel Charlene Lewis breaks down the bad and the good and reminded me of a few things I’d wanted to forget. Related, don’t miss Wear Your Voice’s defining tv shows of the decade. Not to be outdone, Ms. Magazine posted their recommendations for feminist movies and tv shows of the decade. Personally, I think Shrill is the very very best of 2019. And this is coming from a very very committed reality tv only consumer.

In the athletics world (or the portion I follow), Outside brings us the running stories of the decade, and Triathlete brings us the best triathlon stories of the year. And, my favorite, irunfar’s ultrarunning awards post.

From Scotusblog, Amy Howe recapped this year in US Supreme Court decisions, which she correctly describes as a tale of two terms. Just in case you still thought your vote doesn’t matter, turns out it really really really does.

Next, Molly Longman at Refinery29 brought us the best and worst health trends of 2019. I don’t agree with all of her assessments, and the keto diet has still really only been scientifically validated in men, but yes, please, don’t fast.

Finally, the funniest texts from women in 2019.

Hope your NYE is as crazy or so-not-crazy as you want, and Happy New Year! We’ll see you in 2020.

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