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What we read: Jan 3, 2020

Welcome to 2020, friends. Turns out, 2020 looks just like 2019. Trump is still the United States (impeached) president, I’m still tired, and the planet is still dying. Sorry, this is not a motivational new year, new you post. I guess I’m here for the hard truth, and seriously, the planet is dying, and meanwhile, we’re like—”one last cigarette, mmkay?”

Too much? Sorry. But seriously, instead of buying into the capitalistic “you’re broken, buy this to fix it,” how about we choose instead to buy into the science-backed resolution to buy less, recycle and reuse more, and save out planet? Who’s in?

Moralizing aside, since we posted the year-in-review on Tuesday, this is a shorter roundup. Not necessarily because there is less news, per se, but because of reading feeds this week, I’ve been reading books. Yes, books. I only read 122 books in 2019, so I’ve got to get a head start on 2020’s 150 goal before the world starts spinning again.*

I know I said I wasn’t going to be inspirational, but this from Amelia Boone is everything I needed to read this year. As I work on my book about feminism and disordered eating, Boone’s voice has been strong and honest.

Speaking of disordered eating, one of the factors is diet culture — so I appreciated Outside magazine’s review of what food trends we should keep or toss. Although, I have a better suggestion, and it’s the hardest of them all. How about we eat to fuel what we want to do? Enjoy food without guilt. And eat too much, sometimes, but never too little.

That is what I love about Sherronda J Brown’s post at Wear Your Voice about approaching food and exercise without guilt or shame. It’s a hard thing to do, especially in a culture that is literally designed to tell women they are not enough and must pursue impossible perfection. Just say no to media pressure.

Something in my list to write about here is what I’m calling the Season of No—my goal for 2020 to stop saying yes to anything that drains me or, quite simply, isn’t something that aligns with my passions, goals, and needs. In that, I’m also responding to the edges of what I’ve been riding since before I finished my PhD 5 years ago. Frankly, I’m not sure how to come back from burnout but saying no is one of the first steps.

Happy 2020. What’d I miss?

*Euphemism, the world never stopped spinning, okay?

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