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Really, A peloton.

I have always been a punisher when it comes to my workouts. I want to be pushed, it should be quite possibly miserable, and I definitely want to feel every second. The best way to get pushed like that, aside from joining the Biggest Loser (now on USA network, please also see weight loss that has been proven not to last), is group fitness. But I hate working out with other people. Traditional classes at gyms just annoy me, and it’s not convenient drive 20-40 minutes to a good gym. Plus, while gyms are nice because of the variety of options, I would only want to go during less busy times. Go figure, those times were not that convenient at all for a working mom of two. What to do?

I bought a treadmill last year, but while that was great for a while, it turns out I also really like variety (anyone who has shared a meal with me knows this all too well). I’d had my eyes on a Peloton for years (before their latest advertising faux pas). But it seemed just a bit to expensive for my current lifestyle. Then I started a fully remote job, and I started doing the math on getting the cost of gym membership, the cost of gas driving to the gym, the cost of time (money) spent on driving and it added up to a lot each month. So one evening, impulsively, I clicked purchase. It was done—I was getting a Peloton—I couldn’t wait.

Before I move on to the important part, the workouts, the process to get the bike delivered was amazing. I scheduled a time, they called to confirm, they delivered, and then they set up the bike up where you wanted. Amazing. Like the commercials, where the Peloton is displayed prominently in the home like a grand piano, I put the bike in the front room of my home. It is beautiful.

And now to the workouts. They are worth every penny the Peloton costs and more. In fact, as I write this I am a little sore from the workouts from the past few days. The workouts are not easy, although they do have easier workouts for those just beginning a fitness routine. Rides can also vary level wise from easy, to challenging to really F%$*ing hard. They also have rides for warming up or cooling down. And my favorite, they have guided stretching. I always said I needed to stretch at the gym after a workout, but stretching was always the first thing to go in the rush to leave. Having an actual series to follow and being shown the correct way makes the post-ride so much better. One note, you do need to pay a monthly fee for these on demand classes (always a catch). Finally, if you do manage to do a class live – also a super cool benefit – you get the class feel at home without all the sweaty people around you. The instructors can see a live feed of people in the class, and the shoutouts are real and a fun way to be connected and stay motivated. I would recommend a few additional items: a water bottle, a towel (I rolled my eyes at this initially) and a tower fan.

In sum, the variety of workouts is key for me. I can change up the length of time of the workout, what type of ride I want, and I can even incorporate arm workouts which I need so badly. Plus, the workouts fly by, and I’m excited to hop on the bike every morning. That is everything I need right now to keep me moving without a complicated balance of kids, gyms schedule, and time. It is expensive, but for me, it is worth it

So, while I can’t get behind any advertising that promotes fitness as a path to an idealized woman’s body type nor do I ever want someone to suggest that a piece of fitness equipment will change my life – turns out, Peloton kind of changed mine.

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