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Hard Kombucha. A love story.

It was not love at first taste when it came kombucha. In fact, I made fun of my sister for drinking it and thought it was terrible. Then I discovered how much better it made my digestive track feel and my dislike turned into like and then love. Then I discovered hard kombucha (Kombucha with alcohol content), and that’s when this love story really started.

I went to San Diego over New Years and discovered Boochcraft quite by accident; a local restaurant was serving the last of its stock in a popular flavor, and I jumped at the chance to get in on the trend. This is the best kind of accident. The favors were amazing, but even better was the stats: the sugar was lower than most fruity drinks and the ingredients were all organic. After one drink, I decided this would be my New Year’s Eve drink of choice, and I headed to the liquor store to stock up.  After a night of drinking it, I felt pretty great the next day. My stomach and digestive track felt good, too. Wine generally doesn’t sit great for me, and I don’t think awesome is how I would ever describe how I am feeling the day after a night of wine. This was not the case with Boochcraft. I have tried other versions of kombucha with alcohol. But nothing comes close to Boochcraft. It is, by far, the best. First, it is a high alcohol kombucha – we are talking 7% when most hard kombucha has an alcohol content below 5%. Second, Boochcraft is sold in cans (12 oz) or glass bottles (22 oz).  I love the 22 oz size. Finally, Boochcraft is all organic and has delicious flavors – I’ve tried three, and each one was better than the last.

Now, I’ll provide a quick digression into Utah’s interesting alcohol history and why it matters when it comes to Boochcraft. Utah has laws that limit the percent of alcohol sold in grocery stores; hard liquor can only be sold in state run stores.  Last year, the percentage of alcohol that can be sold in grocery store increased from 3.2% to 4% (this amended a law from 86 years ago).  Beer and similar beverages can be sold with a higher alcohol content in liquor stores, but state liquor stores are closed on Sunday. Further, those liquor stores do not currently sell Boochcraft. In short, our options are more limited in Utah, but we still have hope for the future.

The commitment part of the story? Boochcraft is not currently sold in Utah (here is the link to find out where you can buy it). The company has had massive growth in the last year so fingers crossed it will be coming to Utah soon. Instead, I am in process of planning a road trip to purchase it in bulk and hopefully, find a hot spring on the way. Guess I need a Boochraft fridge.

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