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What We Heard: February 14, 2020

What we listened to, similar to “what we read,” is a new series about the podcast episodes or series that stood out each week. This week I really enjoyed a podcast episode about a women’s business clothing company, M.M. LaFleur on a Podcast series called How I built This.

M.M. LaFleur is a company run by women, for women, which really spoke to me as we don’t have enough companies run by women. We need more women-run companies, in part because it is important to have products created for women that are tailored to their interests actually created by those people who have those interests and needs.

In the podcast How I Built This, different companies and their founders are highlighted – in each episode, the listener learns about the history and path of a successful business. In this episode, I enjoyed learning that the CEO of M.M. LaFleur, Sarah LaFleur, has a story like many of us. She didn’t just happen upon the fashion industry at a young age and realize it was her calling but took many other paths to get to the point of her opening up a company. LaFleur realized early on in the creation of M.M. LaFleur that she needed someone who had the knowledge of the fashion world to help her, so she built the team around what her weaknesses were. She wasn’t afraid to admit what she didn’t know. Along the way, she was turned down over and over for funding, but LaFleur kept learning and seeking mentors to help her discover what she didn’t know.

Additionally, LaFleur also had to be willing to pivot the company to be successful and successful they are. Since M.M. LaFleur is a private company, they don’t have to share any financials, but they are a success and have successfully navigated difficult times. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t humble and does recognize that the work doesn’t stop here.

I appreciated LaFleur’s honesty and willingness to talk about her failures. My life has been filled with many failures too. I’ve had to see them for what they are through honest assessment to be able to keep growing, so listening to this podcast was a good reminder of that. In so many ways, failure is what gives us the biggest opportunities for growth. It is easy when things are going well to miss moments of reflection and fail to stop to and learn from a situation. When I have failed, it has been so important for me to reflect on the failure. I have found that times I just move forward without taking the time to process are also the times I have repeated the mistakes. This is a work in progress for me, and it is a new area of focus – I plan to work on looking backward to look forward.

Glad I checked this episode out! What podcasts should I listen to next?

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