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What we read: February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day! And before you’re like, “ugh, gross, this is a feminist website, I didn’t come here for this,” let me remind you of what Valentine’s Day brought to me: 1) So much chocolate; 2) A sweet deal on a wine tasting; 3) A local drag show; and 4) Did I mention chocolate (that will be on sale for super cheap tomorrow)?

So yeah, I’m celebrating.

In other news, my favorite show so far this year, the Netflix original reality series The Circle is literally everything I wanted (I can’t get into Cheer, sorry). It’s a vivid portrayal of the state of social media plus an almost too honorer take on how society views fatness, queerness, and blackness, as Wear Your Voice highlighted this week. But seriously, Cheer?

One of the things I think is critical to fight fatphobia is the representation of every body and everyone in media, stories, marketing, and life. Sometimes, I wonder if my heroes growing up had been anything but slim (e.g., Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables), would I have been so wedded to an ideal woman that was white and slim? The solution isn’t painting new covers for historical novels (hmmm, Barnes & Noble?) but writing stories and creating heroes now that portray a diverse picture of what women heroes can be.

I also think there is something delightfully subversive about allowing our bodies to be – to allow our bodies to exist without judgment, good or bad, as Salty highlighted this week.

Similarly, it is important to highlight weight gain as a sign of positive progress. I’m not there yet, but I’m trying, and it’s helpful to read writing from those who are there. One thing I am better at is being compassionate with myself when I eat more than I think is appropriate or when I eat “so-called” imperfect foods. That is why I appreciated On Snacking from Fit is a Feminist Issue. Food is a lot of things, but also, it’s just food. It doesn’t need as much power and energy as I’ve given it in the past.

Finally, the administration’s attack on Utah land continues with the latest decisions about Bear’s Ears National Monument and, now, slickrock near Moab. This is simply a mean- spirited move from the administration – there is literally no reason to destroy land that holds so much cultural, historical, and spiritual value for indigenous communities and land that is also a treasured spot for so many, including me. We don’t need more oil and natural gas, we need to use less. And despite the misnomer “recreation,” research shows that time outdoors is integral to our mental, physical, and emotional health. This “destroy destroy destroy” mentality is nihilism to the extreme, demonstrates cultural ignorance (at best) and racism, and it is not okay.

And that’s all I have for you, I’m too tired to talk about the #oscarssowhite or cultural appropriation and fashion. But I see you.

Enjoy your day. I hope it’s full of whatever combination of things you want from discounted chocolate to flowers and wine. Be well, and wake up tomorrow ready to fight. Our planet needs us.

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