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What We Heard: February 21, 2020

Although I have had a rough re-entry since spending the weekend in Vegas (I know, hard life), I still have a few things to share this week.

First, I started listening to the WeCrashed podcast a few weeks ago; they have released a few episodes this month. There are a few other podcasts on the WeWorks crash, but this is my favorite. I have enjoyed the character development on this podcast; they have given great attention to the founder and his personality. Insight into the founder’s personality is important to understand the rise and fall of the company. As someone who works in the tech industry and has worked at startups, it has been interesting to hear about all of things that are red flags that go usually unnoticed such as culture issues in the company. To me, what has stood out was how everyone on the inside saw something so different from what was being presented to potential investors and actual investors. Speaking from experience, culture can be the best part of a company, but when the culture starts to change it takes time for a noticeable impact. As a result, while by appearances things look great, the internal culture shift, if it is negative, will catch up eventually and show in the profits. This podcast is worth a listen if you enjoy a character-driven podcast.

Second, I also discovered an artist that you may have heard about due to his great music but also because of his super famous sister, Billie Eillish — FINNEAS. I think the latest album is worth a listen: Entertaining lyrics, a catchy beat and a really nice voice. I recommend you start with I don’t Miss You at All and I Lost a Friend.

What should I listen to next?

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