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What We Read: February 21, 2020

Sometimes, I think February is the longest year, but that might be because I have to wait all month for my birthday to arrive. Worse, Mercury is in retrograde, and while you can side eye my new appreciation for astrology, I’m not taking any chances. Since I celebrated my birthday when I was home at the beginning of the month, and I have an unrelenting work schedule, I’m just trying to survive until May 1.

Most upsetting, it seems that my favorite font, Times New Roman might suggest conservative leanings. I can only assume the study didn’t talk to liberal academics who have been forbidden from using sans serif fonts. Or perhaps I’m the only one with a personal vendetta against calibri?

Want to get updated on Fat Studies, the obesity myth, and fat liberation? Here is a reading list. I’ve read almost all of the books recommended, and the rest are on my wishlist

I’m not an anarchist, but it’s clear the USA’s political system is broken. Removing the electoral college won’t fix it. The system itself is broken, and while changes might make it better, because it is part of a structure built to support and elevate white men, only a new structure can truly be emancipatory.

Speaking of elections, it’s timely to think about how women candidates and leaders (and women in general) are described in the media. It’s a double bind of expectations – women are “too shrill” and “too confident,” but those critiques is paired with directives to avoid vocal fry and “saying sorry,” making it clear that no matter what women do, it’s never okay. Ignore it all.

A recent post about deer policy and Lyme Disease blew my mind. I had no idea how the presence of deer in an area was related to incidence of Lyme Disease, which illustrates how closely related our ecosystem is and how sensitive it is to artificial regulation.

Thinking about Indigenous communities in the USA, a few recent posts about rights, opportunities and challenges: 1. Voting for members of communities. 2. Reproductive rights and Indian Health Services. 3. Indigenous efforts to halt pipeline development. It’s beyond time for all news about American Native communities to be included in mainstream media.

One of the news items I haven’t talked about here until now is Youngren, a transgender woman running in the US Olympic trials next week. Originally outed by the trollers at LetsRun, I wasn’t going to perpetuate inadvertent outing here by writing about her epic qualifying race until Youngren talked publicly first. I’m excited to see her race.

Related, could we please do away with anonymous comments?

Finally, from Vox: The Assimilationist, or: On the unexpected cost of passing as a trans woman: The trouble with finding my true self in the beauty aisles.

Be well, Spinsters, and never comment anonymously.

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