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No Gym, No Problem

By now everyone has seemingly posted alternate workouts for when the gyms are closed. Rather than give you detailed thoughts or workouts, I thought I would create a resource guide of things I have seen and explain how my training has changed. And if training isn’t your jam or you have other things taking priority, there’s no pressure. But, if you are in need of some no-gym-required workouts, consider this your go-to list of inspiration, workouts, and get-active resources.

I am training for a September Ironman and generally train 7 days a week (between swim, bike, run, and strength). I was supposed to be running a marathon on April 4 that has been cancelled because of COVID-19. I am lucky because I have two coaches and a personal trainer, and they’ve been helping me stay on track without a gym or pool. But, a caveat before I share my training and the resources below: If you’re not used to training remember the easiest way to get injured (or quit before you really get started) is to do too much, too fast, too soon.

First, here is how I’m adjusting, but in keep mind that what I do might not be necessary or relevant for everyone.

Swimming: this is the tough one. Pools are closed and in the Midwest it is still to chilly for open water swimming even in a wetsuit (for most people). I have resorted to dry land swimming/band workouts provided by my coach. The first round I did standing, then I figured out how to make a bench work for dry land swimming. It is hard, it is uncomfortable, and I may drown in sweat…but I am still getting work in.

Biking: I spend most of the time from October or November through April on an indoor bike trainer anyway. So this hasn’t changed. And for the most part, in most places, you can still ride a bike outside if you don’t have a trainer. I have both a “dumb” trainer that you can just use to ride and a smart trainer that is computer controlled and can simulate hills. The biggest change is that my husband usually rides at a studio (that is closed) and so now we battle over trainer time.

Running: I am still running outside. I don’t have a treadmill and I don’t like them. When I use one it is at the gym, and that’s not an option now. I generally run alone because I am slower than my teammates, so that hasn’t changed. We have moved to our summer meeting location on Tuesdays to increase social distance.

Yoga: This is the greatest impact for me. I only go to class once a week, but I am going to need to do it online tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. I have a mat, block, and strap of my own. If I kidnap my husband’s block I have two.

If you don’t have a coach, there are a ton of great resources for any type of workout you might be looking for:

Links (not at all exhaustive – add your own in the comments):

What did I miss? How are you staying active with gyms closed and social distancing keeping you from your normal group physical activities?

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