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Vigorous yoga flow for at-home practice

With gyms and yoga studios closed because of COVID-19, it’s good to have a go-to yoga sequence that gets the heart pumping and gives you a full-body workout. Plus, yoga is great for stress-relief, making this the perfect workout that you can do with just a yoga mat and some floor space.

You should always consult a doctor before beginning any physical routine. I share this routine as one that I enjoy, but it should not be taken or treated as medical advice.

1. Start in mountain pose, and move slowly into ujjayi breathing.

2. Bend forward at the waist and bend your knees until your fingers touch the ground. Breathing deeply, relax into your forward fold for a few breaths before straightening your legs and wrapping your hands around the opposing elbows, gently away from side to side. Release your hands to the ground and straighten your back, looking forward, for monkey pose. Release back to the ground and slowly, vertebrae by vertebrae, come back up to standing mountain pose. Repeat this one more time.

3. Next, warm up your core by raising your hands to the sky, palms together, and leaning to the right, moving deeper into the side bend with each exhale. Repeat on the left side, then do a small standing backbend to warm up. Do not move deeply into this backbend – this is just a warmup.

4. Follow with a forward fold, and then return to mountain and repeat the standing side and backbend series again.

5. Next, complete five Sun Salutation A‘s, moving slowly with your breath.

6. Second, move into Sun Salutation B. This is the cardio portion of the workout, so complete as many Sun Salutation B’s, modifying as necessary for 10 minutes.

7. Following Sun Salutation B series, stand in mountain to catch your breath for 2-3 deep breaths before moving into the Core Series (described here).

Repeat on both sides

8. Next, choose your favorite standing pose and repeat on both sides. This could be Eagle, Tree, or Lord of the Dance pose (below). Repeat twice on both sides, breaking up the series with a Sun Salutation A.

9. After completing the standing series, begin Sun Salutation A but remain laying on the mat instead of moving from cobra to downward dog. Slowly push yourself back to child’s pose and rest for five to ten breaths.

10. After your breath has deepened, push onto all fours and do a cat/cow series, inhaling into cat and exhaling into cow. Repeat 4-6 times before sitting back and moving into a seated position.

11. Move into boat pose, modifying if necessary.

12. Next, lie back and bend your knees, placing your feet near your sit bones, for bridge (or a modification).

13. Finally, stay in your back for happy baby pose before moving into Savasana (final resting pose) for as long as you need.

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