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What we read: March 27, 2020

So here’s the deal: In addition to worrying about COVID-19, I’m also worried about all of the things we’re not thinking about because of COVID-19. I’m not going to go as far as to say that we should be worried, but there are some things that I think still deserve some attention. Like what? Like climate change, the USA democratic presidential primary, eroding access to abortion rights, and how long one can truly go without washing their hair (asking for a friend).

In truth, each of those issues (especially the last one) are inextricably ties up into COVID-19 and the associated response: There are some indications that a global pandemic is related to climate change, and the democratic primary is critically important in the context of a failed presidential response to the pandemic as, ahem, a pandemic. Some politicians are using the stress on the health system due to responding to COVID-19 as an excuse to ban abortion procedures. And yes, since I work from home, I won’t wash my hair until it is obvious that I haven’t washed it via Zoom. Also, I am always wearing leggings. Business on top. Speaking of all the cool things Zoom can do, why can’t it make it appear as if I’m wearing a business suit? Someone at Zoom get on this, stat.

In other coronavirus news, there has been a clear dearth of women’s voices and perspectives from political leadership across the globe, as Language: A feminist guide pointed out. This absence is noticeable not just in who is speaking but how they are speaking about it and strategies to mitigate the impacts. This epidemic and the associated response is simply more evidence in how the impact of policy on women is violent.

As someone who has struggled with disordered eating habits, self-quarantining and social distancing has been a serious threat to my recovery. Allure did an excellent job of breaking down how this pandemic, isolation, and focus on consumption can impact those in and in recovery from eating disorders. While, as Megan Dean from Fit is a Feminist Issue explains, it is totally fine to eat as a part of a coping mechanism, it is also okay to be completely paralyzed by what might happen if one indulges, especially given an increased amount of food being stored in hour homes as we shelter in place. Be kind and thoughtful with your words, always, but especially now. And, no, it’s not the time to warn folx that they might gain weight. Obviously.

Vox: The Goods is probably my favorite news magazine, and I found this exploration of Deciem’s founder fascinating. As a skin care-obsessed double-cleanser, I haven’t tried any of the products, but perhaps that is an oversight? Honestly, I swear by Drunk Elephant and am beyond stoked that they are now making body products.

Something else to worry about during a quarantine is the potential for domestic violence to increase. Micaela Brinsley at Ms. Magazine interviewed Alejandra Y. Castillo from YWCA about the virus is impacting households and how we can support.

I go back and forth with how I’m dealing with the cancellations caused by the virus, but the one I’m most devastated about is the postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics. I know it’s the right decision and best for the health of athletes and the surrounding community, but I am looking forward to what will hopefully be a hopeful time when the 202? Summer Olympics happen.

Finally, I might be making an assumption, but I think you need to read last week’s funniest tweets from women. My lifetime goal is to someday be featured in this weekly compilation of hilarious tweets. Just once, and I’ll be happy.

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