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What We Read: April 3, 2020

Instead of focusing on snark and criticism, this week I’m starting a running list of hope, positivity, and resources that I hope will help us through this pandemic. Please share any additional resources (including the ones you’ve curated/created, and I’ll update the post with them).

Hope & Coping

From Bitch Media, how astrology and your horoscope can help you cope with COVID-19 uncertainty and life. Since the beginning of the pandemic, my horoscope has been almost too accurate, including the re-emergence of an ex. Here’s hoping April is spot on.

Yes! Magazine posted an amazing infographic and piece on learning from indigenous peoples to help cope with coronavirus. Similarly, from High Country News, how we can learn from indigenous nations to respond to this pandemic and work to save ourselves.

From the Washington Post, adjusting to apartment living during self-quarantining.

Thinking about dying your hair? Read this first. BL:UF? It’s totally okay but also not just about hair.

I read this article a while ago, but it seems particularly needed now: Coping with anxiety using safety signals. If you’re wondering, one of my safety signals is the sound of a treadmill.

Just in case there was ever any doubt about how amazing this community is, check out how the camping community is giving back. These be my people, y’all.

Thinking about transformation? What Mike Posner did to become a better person.


Probably my most used article has been this one from Grist, which highlighted ways we can help the climate during the pandemic.

Refinery29 posted about how we can help to support women during the pandemic. This is especially important as women are bearing the brunt of the work as the pandemic worsens.

Athletic & Movement

If you’re like Rose and me, the social distancing has put a serious wrench in our racing (or FKT’ing) plans. Here is a list of virtual races and events to keep you racing.

From Stronger By Science a complete list of at-home strength training to target every major muscle group with links to see how to correctly perform each one.

Written by our own Rose, No Gym, No Problem which focuses on available posts and virtual programs to get in a workout.

From the folx at Spartan, a body weight routine that looks really fun. Not to be outdone, Podium Runner has one too, although I’m not desperate enough yet to do squats with my suitcase.

Things to Watch

Have you run out of shows to watch on Netflix and Hulu? Bikepacking magazine just released their list of must-see bikepacking movies. Not to be outdone, since the Banff Movie festival had to be cancelled, here is a list of links to their curated collections.


Wirecutter has a running list of free or nearly freely resources to utilize during the pandemic. My favorite addition is Sling, which is offering two free weeks, which is exactly how much time I need to catch up on Ink Master.

Wondering where to put any extra money left over from the CARES act? May I humbly suggest supporting local businesses and these outdoor companies giving back?

In case you missed it, Drunk Elephant now has hair and skin care. This review sums them up nicely, and I can say from personal experience that the body wash is divine.

And just in case you thought April Fool’s Day was cancelled, Climbing Mag came thought. Except, am I the only one who has been scoping out cracks at home to determine if they are climbable? Please say yes.

What do I need to add to this list?

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