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What We Saw

I had been hearing about a show called Love is Blind on Netflix. And I hearing I mean I was seeing post after post about it on social media. I had just finished another show and needed something new. I didn’t have high expectations going in (actually probably the opposite, I expected it to be bad). But it was interesting and not in away that made the show a must watch, but more in away of a self reflection for me. I am not ready to write about my own personal situation, but this show for sure made me look inward.

The premise of Love is Blind (on Netflix) is in the name: it is a show about an experiment (their words, not mine) to see if love really is blind. A group of men and women are put into a situation where they never meet each other face to face and only speak in separate pods to each other to date. The goal is to find someone, fall in love, and get engaged, if they choose, without ever seeing the other person. After the engagement, they will finally meet each other in person, live together and get married in four weeks.

I don’t want to give away the show, as it is an interesting watch (so, despite expectations, I actually do recommend it). The “effectiveness” of the experiment varies: Some people on the show don’t make any connections in the pods, some know in the first day or two the person they want to be with and some get engaged and still don’t know. The shows concludes with the weddings, and some do actually get married (and, of course, some don’t, to dramatic effects). The last episode is the reunion, and it was probably my favorite episode. Full disclosure: I fast forwarded through the wedding episode as is was drawn out way too much. But the last episode was so important as you see the growth in every single person that participated. It was incredible to see the self reflection as some people really needed it and others had incredibly emotional and draining experiences.

My own personal reflection was very telling. I was so uncomfortable with the over emotionality of the show at moments. And other times, I was uncomfortable for the real and raw emotion that you could see, as the process of being in a new relationship was (and is) so difficult for the people on the show. I am not someone that as ever dreamed about a wedding or even felt the need to be engaged, so the show made me look at my own personal ideas and thoughts about where I am at as an individual and how I have looked at marriage my whole life. The thing I did appreciate was that everyone was different: body types, cultures and backgrounds. Now would I recommend this for everyone, probably not. Was it a show that I enjoyed and will probably watch the next season, yes.

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