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What We Saw: April 10, 2020

When I control the remote, the TV is basically a non-stop combination of My 600-lb Life, Biggest Loser, and Law & Order: SVU. But when the spousal unit has it there’s always an interesting mix of things. He loves Alton Brown though, and models his cooking off things Alton has done on Good Eats over the years. But what has caught my attention over the past few weeks are Alton Brown’s You Tube shows Pantry Raid and Quarantine Kitchen. Pantry Raid is the simple idea of cooking from what is in your home kitchen. Since it isn’t on Food Network he can share the brands of things he actually likes and is a little more relaxed about food safety than on the network. It’s pretty “real.” Then there’s Quarantine Quitchen with his wife Elizabeth…

Quarantine Quitchen is super funny s&%t. They are drinking/half lit for the show. It is done without fancy TV production equipment, more like recording with your iPhone in your own kitchen. They tease each other, include the dog(s), test weird things, and crack jokes. No rules since it is non-network. It is captivating and I hope they continue it as long as we are under stay-at-home orders. The most recent one was Elizabeth’s birthday and they were so relatable. Maybe because they’re only a few years older than my spousal unit and we are pretty much a lot like them. And also in our house, he is the keeper of the kitchen and does most of the cooking.

David (spousal unit) is a scientist, which is why he adores the way Alton Brown cooks and explains the science of cooking on Good Eats. Quarantine Quitchen isn’t any of that, It’s the way real people cook in their real kitchens with real equipment. And real failures (knife to the champagne bottle fails more often than it succeeds). I am more drawn to it than Good Eats.

But after we finish watching those…then there’s the rest of the YouTube feed in David’s channels…including some awesome things (Blue Man Group, some fun versions of Sound of Silence) and the weirdest worst thing I have ever seen. It’s on a channel called Bad Lip Reading. It’s Star Wars scenes with a weird voice over of new words that are just awkward. And creepy. You have to watch it and share in my trauma.

What are you watching?

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