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What We Heard: April 17, 2020

This week I needed to try something different with my podcasts. I did a little browsing on the podcast app on my iPad and came across Brene Brown’s podcast, Unlocking Us. I have read a book of hers and followed her some on social media, but I wasn’t sure how she would translate into a podcast. Needing to listen to something new, I thought might as well try.

When I started the podcast, I didn’t realized I had a selected one that was an interview with Alicia Keys about her new book, More Myself: A Journey. I have loved Alicia Keys for a long time, but I wasn’t expecting the authentic connection between Brene Brown and Alicia to really bring home the positive vibes we need right now. Brene read a bit from Alicia’s new book (which, side note, I will be buying now), and had Alicia talk even further about her feelings. Brown commented that the book was incredible for her as she didn’t realize it was going to help her take a deeper look at her own life. One area that was discussed that really stood out to me was them diving into your authentic self. The idea of the “authentic self” is when we allow others to creep into who we are. When that happens, we don’t even realize it is happening until, much later sometimes, we notice that we no longer even look like ourselves. Hearing that was an introspective moment for me. I have always wanted to push against what society is defining as right, but no matter what I can see how I have allowed some societal expectations into my life. It is so important, although difficult, to stay true to ourselves and honor our own truths.  

I also finished a podcast I talked about a few weeks ago, Dying for Sex. I have throughly enjoyed this podcast – not because the stories are hilarious about the sexual escapades of Molly – but because the story about her cancer and life path are touching, heartbreaking and incredibly can still make you laugh. This podcast is worth a listen. Every episode.

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