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What we read: April 24, 2020

The only time of the week I know what day it is for certain is Friday, and it’s because of writing What We Read. So, I persist, but I’m not going to focus much on links that talk about COVID-19 unless I think they are stories or updates that aren’t getting the attention or coverage they deserve in mainstream media. Instead, here is a very brief summary of my thoughts about COVID-19 in the United States: 1. Stay home – the ability to be able to stay home safely is a privilege, and if you have that privilege, you better do it; 2. If you can’t stay home for whatever reason (job, safety, essential items, safety, safety, safety), don’t; 3. Relatedly, don’t judge those who can’t stay home even if you don’t know why – they might not be safe; and, finally, 4. Support those in need however you can. Oh, and hey, please don’t support the erosion of women’s rights under the guise of “coronavirus protection.” No one is fooled.

Now that we have that covered, here’s a few more links that you might have missed, but I think you might could want to to read.

My reading interests right now mainly focus on any sort of endurance activity outside whether than be bikepacking, thru-hiking, running, or climbing. In that vein, I’m really enjoying this series from Andrew Skurka on being a woman in the outdoors. This week’s piece focuses on finding community, which feels particularly relevant right now.

In research news, a recent study found that bike lanes have a positive economic impact. Now that it’s above 40 degrees outside, most of my local transit takes place via bike (aided by my super sweet new Continental Divide Trail Buff, which doubles as sun protection and a make-do face mask), and this is research I hope gets shared widely. More bike lanes, please.

In general running news, my favorite newsletter, every week, is the Fast Women newsletter, which is a roundup of all of the weeks women’s running news. It’s my special Monday treat, and I save it for when I need a break from data analysis. Also from Fast Women, this epic women’s running crossword. Since the quarantine started, I’ve started doing the New York Time’s crossword every day (okay, Friday’s crossword takes me 2-3 days), and I can’t wait to do this one focused on women’s running.

If you are a climber and having trouble training at home, Outside Magazine wrote about ways to maintain training at home. I invested in an Awesome Woody’s hangboard, and I rush out to the mailbox literally every day hoping that it has arrived.

This week, we shared how we’re spending our CARES Act checks, and Refinery29 shared some suggestions for where people who are able could donate their CARES Act money. How are you using it?

Have you heard of the “Karen” meme? Catch up if you are out of the loop with this Guardian piece. I’m not exactly sold on the argument made in that article, but I agree that often valid criticisms are co-opted by the radical right to reinforce dominant, sexist views. But a valid critique of white women (feminists and otherwise) inspired the Karen memes, and it’s important not to lose sight of it.

Elizabeth Gilbert shared a journaling prompt for Yoga Journal that I’ve been trying this week in my bullet journal. One of my struggles, especially lately, that I start the day with the latest in the news and on social media, which primes me with anxiety before I’ve even finished my first cup of coffee. I’m trying this prompt followed with some spiritual reading instead, and so far it has had a noticeable positive impact on my stress levels.

Finally, this is the new streaming service I needed in my life right now. Best part? It doubles as white noise.

What did I miss? What did you read this week that you found important, notable, or entertaining?

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  1. Girl, THANK U, THANK U, for posting this. Yes, the virus is a big deal and happening all around us, but it is so important to remember the other important things in life. Concentrate on the virus alone is only gonna make us have tunnel vision and forget the little things in life. Please continue to stay safe and god bless.


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