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Finding hope amongst the darkness: Our COVID-19 month two update

As weeks run into months, we’re all finding ways to adjust and adapt. Jaymee had a COVID-19 scare and had to get tested (the testing was a pretty seamless process, from the sound of it), and we were relieved to hear that her test came back negative. As some states open up while the threat still looms, things feel simultaneously hopeless and scary. This week, we’re sharing our weekly update and how we’re trying to adapt to find hope in a time that can feel so dark

Rose: I have moved my home office from the dining room to the guest room and am nesting in here for the long haul. There are still certain work things that would be better in person but there are some advantages like not having travel time between meetings. I still feel when I am out riding or running that there are too many people too close to one another. Giving me hope is that I am connecting with people more one-on-one than I am usually good at. And one of my coaches posted workouts for this week as self-care activities like walking and riding with my husband.

Monetta: This week I started teaching my online yoga in classrooms course. I am learning a lot on how to refine the course and being very flexible. I am really enjoying teaching the course. On Monday I had a minor health scare. I participated in a distance energy healing  on Sunday and felt really good; I was really confident about getting in my stride.  Then there was a large fire upwind from my home. I called the fire service, but they did not come. After about 90 minutes, I got an asthma attack and called again and this time the operator hung up on me. Scared and panicking, I went on a rant on social media and tagged the prime minister who called the fire chief – finally the fire was responded to. The rest of the week I helped my grandmother through a video conferencing doctor’s appointment, and I signed up for barre continuing education training, went to a virtual yoga expo, and completed a FREE online blogging course. I am working my way slowly through the blogging course and hoping to get a few tips to help grow my blog.  Here is the link if anyone is interested.

I am finally falling into a schedule and seeing myself be productive. I have had a few hopeful moments.  My country is confirmed COVID-19 free! All of the confirmed positive cases have recovered; none of them needed to go to the ICU.  All the people who were in isolation tested negative. We still have a few people in quarantine, and we are still under a curfew and partial shut down, but have also started a phased reopening.  I am also hopeful that there will be more opportunities for virtual jobs and telecommuting when this is all over!

Laura: This was a rough week. I am changing jobs, and this was the week I had to tell my students. They are and will be fine, but I still am feeling a sense of loss and guilt. It’s hard, too, because I won’t be able to see them in person before I leave. By the end of the day on Wednesday, I was so drained that I thought I had COVID-19. After getting called into an “urgent” impromptu call Thursday morning, I cancelled the rest of the day and took care of “checklist” tasks including grocery shopping instead. After a good night of sleep, I woke up Friday feeling human and much better (quickest health turnaround ever), and this reminded me that I need to take time for self-care and be okay with lowered levels of productivity.

In other news, I have decided it’s time for a hair color change. Blue has been vetoed by the family, so I’m leaning toward silver. I figure that this is the first and last time I’ll be able to try a radical hair color without professional consequences, and I’ll have enough time to get it fixed before the fall semester starts. Stay tuned.

Ellen: Our art auction for Direct Relief ended on Thursday. Despite so many being in need themselves right now, we were able to contribute over $600. I saw several people bidding higher than the minimum bid on items, and we also have had random acts of kindness. One woman won an auction and instructed one of our artists to gift it to another bidder who had just lost her job.  Keeping my finger on the pulse of kindness like this is pretty much what’s keeping me going these days.

On a more personal level, I am fearing what our new ‘normal’ will look like and how it will affect everyone long-term. I’ve also been wondering who among us will have a harder time acclimating once the bans are lifted – those of us who have been sheltering in place or those who’ve been forced to be out amongst it all.

How are you doing? How are you adjusting? Adapting? Mixing things up?

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