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What we read: May 1, 2020

Just when I thought the news cycle would never change, some U.S. states started to open up and others laid out plans for a phased reopening to start in May. This seems to have revitalized the digital media world, and suddenly there is a lot more content to talk about (that isn’t related to COVID-19). I, for one, am pretty excited about it (even the idea of an eventual reopening, however unrealistic, is somewhat heartening, but I’m mostly just glad to have some new things to think and talk about).

First, I’m not on any online dating sites, but that’s because I’m not on the market, per se, not because I have anything against them. However, they have always intrigued me, and I really really like reading about them. Hence, Man Repeller’s post about online dating (sponsored by Bumble) was a good read. Side note: I’ve always heard that Bumble is a more feminist approach to online dating, so I’m curious to hear what you think?

I’ve already shared that basically all I daydream about right now is getting back to the trails, so I love this post about reasons women should hike solo written by Alexandra Lev. I have never felt unsafe alone on the trails, and I can’t say the same for being on campus after dark.

I am obsessed with this comic series from Yes! Magazine by Sarah Lazarovic. This week she breaks down conversations about climate change, and I love it. Need more of this content in my feedly.

I know I said I wasn’t going to talk much more about COVID-19, but I think this conversation is an important one. Many news agencies including the New York Times above reported linking coronavirus severity to obesity. As with most “obesity research,” this research too is questionable as Catherine from Fit is a Feminist Issue breaks down. Fat phobia is such as easy crutch, made all the more frustrating because of how people are already being told that they need to be careful not to gain the quarantine “15.” Gross.

I don’t share a lot of writing done by men because men already get cited and referenced the most, but I’ve made an exception this week for two really important pieces. The first is from Brendan at Semi-Rad about anxiety. I’ve already sent it to my entire family and re-read it twice. It’s so good. Second, I really appreciated this post from Trail Runner Magazine by David Roche about responding to haters. Early in my academic career, a right-wing writer misrepresented some of my research online which acted as a dog whistle for years of online abuse. As a new scholar, it was devastating, and I really appreciate Roche’s take on it.

Finally, from Outside Magazine, check out these live streams of some of the most beautiful places in the world. My travel bucket list just grew by a factor of two.

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