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Healing with writing

At some point we all go through trauma, heartbreak or some other experience that we need to heal from. Sometimes it is easy to heal.  Sometimes all it takes is time. Sometimes it takes lots of hard work and even professional help to heal from difficult experiences.  One of the things that has been especially helpful to me is writing.

I was an early reader. I don’t remember when I could not read and write.  I know for sure that I was reading and writing around age 3.  I love expressing myself on paper using words.  Are you surprised? You are after all reading a blog post that I wrote.  When I write I grow as a person.  I often use writing to process my feelings.  When I go through something difficult and all I feel is pain, finding the words to describe it can be the first step in healing. 

I love to write in verse.  When I have a difficult experience it is sometimes easy to express myself with poetry.  I have poems hurriedly scribbled everywhere: back of receipts, notebooks, journals, planners, and the notes app on my phone.  One day years ago I had the idea to put all these poems together and write a book.  From this Heartsong was born.

Heartsong is my first collection of poetry and my second book. I wrote these poems when I started teaching to express how I felt about what I was going through. The first section, light, explores my need to find and spread light in this world. The second section, love, explores the ways we receive and give love. The final section, life, explores the meaning of life and the lessons we learn as we go through life.  

At the end I share a special treat. A deeply personal poem about the most difficult time in my life. Writing this poem helped me process all the pain I was feeling. It also helped me move forward. After writing this I felt lighter. I had acknowledged my pain, my grief, everything I was feeling. At the same time I expressed my willingness to heal; that healing was not linear. I finished with hope. Hope for healing. In a few verses I told an entire story. I took myself on a roller coaster of feelings. At the end I felt like putting the words down on paper was like a strange magic that transferred the pain from me.  

So today, I share this poem with you.  If you are healing or struggling with pain I hope it helps you find some relief.  I encourage you to also put pen to paper and explore creative outlets when you need to heal. Whether you paint, dance or write; healing through creativity is there for all who would have it.

1000 Elephants

My brother 
Shot dead in the street
No one could help him
1000 elephants trample my chest

My heart is broken 
I can’t breathe
Three months later
Ma Tillie gone

My friend,
My great aunt.
The elephants try to kill me. 

I walk 
I smile
The pain is unbearable

Six doctors
Three days inpatient

The pain of grief was too much
I can barely move 
It's all too much

I step on my mat
I move
I cry
I crumble
I get up

I get stronger
I learn to carry a thousand elephants
I open my heart
Even though it hurts
I learn again to surrender and 

Heartsong is available to purchase from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format. The Kindle format is $2.99 and the Paperback is $5.99.

We are a member of the Amazon Affiliates program. If you make a purchase through links in this article, we will a earn a small referral fee.

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