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What I’m Loving

Change is hard. Big change, small change; good change, bad change – it doesn’t matter. It’s hard. In my professional practice class my last year of undergrad, my professor asked “What is the role of the city planner?” As a class, we struggled to figure out where he was going. But Dr. Kelly had a point. Community planners are facilitators of change, helping people navigate change in their community. And that’s cool – and I love what I do, But in my own life I am not necessarily a fan of change I can’t control. To help me better adapt to the uncertainty of today, I found it helpful to think about what I am enjoying right now, during the pandemic lockdown. Here are some of the things I am loving right now as I am living in a changed (and uncertain) pattern:

Local and small batch coffee: I love coffee. This isn’t a secret or new. I drink it black. Since going to only black coffee (a change that was hard a few years ago) I have been pickier about my coffee. So right now I love my deliveries from New Mexico Pinon Coffee Company, Linden Times Two (Des Linden’s coffee roastery), and Bee Coffee Roasters (local and I know one of the owners). Bee even delivered two bags to my porch.

My local running store: Runners Forum has always been exceptional. I know the owners and many of the managers. When I call or go in the staff generally know who I am at three of the locations. They have been fantastic in this. One shoe try on and purchase before the stay-at-home order that was contactless (near the beginning of this time), one shoe purchase online/over the phone with a driveway drop, and one shoe exchange where they ordered in what I needed and then I did a curbside swap at the store. Keeping me in running shoes is great. Buying running shoes to support one of my favorite local businesses is great.

Skype: I have no idea why the family only used Skype for holiday calls in the past, but now I do a once a week call with my parents. I have called my mom in between and we use Zoom for bigger holiday things, but it is good to talk to both my parents at the same time and see them. No, we aren’t meals/games over the video people…we just talk. But it lets me know that they are ok. Also, I hate phone calls with like 95% of people because I am visual…the video helps.

Amazon Prime: I want to feel guilty loving Amazon regularly and especially now, but it saves us from going out looking for things we need and going to multiple places. Which is safer for everyone. Added bonus, my shopping contributes to my local park foundation. Last year it was $80 and I expect it will be more this year.

The internet: Let’s face it, we would all really suck at this if the internet wasn’t what it is. Even 25 years ago this would have been very different. So shout out to the internet. Even my service providers who I generally loathe. My service has been reliable for work and play.

It may seem goofy to write about such trivial things, but really there’s so much negativity that it seemed like I wanted/needed to write about what is good and sustaining.

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