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Tropical green smoothie

I don’t know if it’s the increasing temperatures, or my subconscious telling that it’s time for a vacation, but my green smoothies of late have been distinctly tropical. This one is a new favorite – it’s light and fruity and perfect for a Friday afternoon snack (with or without the beach)!

Tropical Green Smoothie

Serves One


1/2 frozen banana, cut into chunks
1/2 orange
1/2 c fresh pineapple
1 T cashew butter
1 c Almond milk
1 c fresh spinach




Pretty soon, you’ll think smoothies without greens taste are abnormal (and you can see my afternoon read in the background)!

Tried, tested, and approved.

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day!

How will you relax this weekend? How do you keep perspective in your life?

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  1. Thanks for this. It looks easy, but whenever I make a green smoothie without glancing at a recipe, I end up with green sludge. It’s so sad and such a horrible waste–but never again!


  2. You are really self aware and authentic, I can relate to having those moments where you get stuck in a bad frame of mind but I find just accepting the bad stuff and moving on gives me perspective. It may take 5 minutes or a few days, but the pendulum swings back πŸ™‚


  3. I loved the last green smoothie you recommended! (Woohoo! I actually made a green smoothie). This one sounds delicious too. I think I’ll follow a few of your recipes before I start experimenting as I don’t want green sludge. And, you rock, keep up the positivity! πŸ™‚


    • You’re life has been crazy (but filled with so much goodness)! Enjoy your much needed break!


  4. So glad that you had a rebound moment–I knew you would. You are too strong and resilient to do otherwise. You just needed to get it out–to have that moment where you unloaded and cleared your mind, so that you could chock it full once more! And let’s add some rum to that smoothie, I think?


    • Thank you! I’m glad you did, because I wasn’t so sure… πŸ™‚ and yes, run in everything today, please. Except my coffee. I’ll take some kahlua in that.


  5. We are all allowed to have moments of despair or freak outs or whatever. People read your blog because they like you and enjoy hearing about your journey. Susie is right too….marathon let down, let the waterworks flow! Anyway, this smoothie looks so yum. I have been on a pineapple kick lately. I so need to get a better device for making smoothies.


    • Thank you so much – after a comment I received yesterday, I started feeling like I was appearing like a total mess. Which wasn’t my intention and also (I hope) not true! I definitely forget the post-marathon blues too – a perfect storm!


  6. Love the hope and positivity in this, hun! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being down at times and sitting with it, but when we don’t try to get out by focusing on the positives after a bit, it can get problematic. Relaxing this weekend will take place in a long run on sunday followed by lots of reading and having lunch with my mum tomorrow πŸ™‚


    • I think you are right – we get our down moments, but need to move on too! Enjoy your run and weekend!


  7. Honestly I would rather read you being all over the place than hide it – you were not having a ‘pity party’, nor doing one of those non-authentic ‘motivation’ posts that you can tell are just a distraction (loads of those on a couple of no-longer-followed blogs) … you were being YOU. And since THAT is what we are here to see – a funny, cool, strong runner woman who makes great smoothies, struggles with money, and has actual real-life issues and worries and flaws and strengths and all of the other stuff … sometimes a post like that makes sense.

    I mean, holy crap I did a post on how I had to decline to pay $90 to run a 50 mile race because we’re staying in a high-rise condo-hotel overlooking Manhattan … oooh, poor me and my first-world problems … how embarrassing! But again, that was what I was feeling at that moment.


    • I’m really glad – I do want to be authentic, but not depressing! And it never even occurred to me that you were complaining about first-world problems, although now… Just kidding. I was totally there with you!


  8. It’s lovely to meet you! I’ll be paying attention to your smoothies, I a big smoothie fan (also gluten-free). And hey, I’m with you on the life happens stuff and that without challenges life would be so boring!!!! Keep up the good work and feel free to come on over to my blog for a dose of fun every once in awhile. Happy Fiesta Friday!


  9. You always seem to be able to keep things in perspective. I love how you share your thoughts and feelings but you are also able to stay grounded and realistic. You are right that if there wasn’t some stress life would be boring!
    That looks like another great smoothie!


  10. You have perspective, which is an enormous start! There will always be good days and less often, bad. I really enjoyed reading this and seeing how you worked your thoughts out as you were writing. Angie might think I put you up to the tropical smoothy but perhaps breat minds just think alike. Close your eyes, think of the beach and the sun and the waves and just reset. Cheers, to your hard work, running a marathon and all the good times ahead.


  11. Gosh – you do have a busy time ahead of you but also so much to look forward to as well. Your delicious smoothies will give you the energy to get through it all, so keep going and keep writing!


  12. You are MORE than fine just the way you are. Keep going. Here’s a challenge. Sit “indian style” with your hands gently resting on your knees and sit for TEN or THIRTY minutes, if you can even stand it. Do nothing. (That’s what I do.)


  13. Hi Laura, your smoothies look fantastic and there are so many good flavors in this one! If you keep posting these awesome recipes, I will find myself at the store buying a blender finally (why am I putting this off?!). I hope you feel better and I agree that you should never hide your feelings; you should feel free to express yourself in your posts. Hope your weekend is a good one!


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