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What we read: May 8, 2020

Because all of the memes have said anything I could say about this first full week of May, I’ll just get to the news.

First, we have to start with the biggest news to come out of the last week: The prequel to the Twilight series is going to be published very soon. Okay, it’s not nearly the most important news, nor is the Twilight series the highest form of literary work as defined by literature snobs everywhere, but I’m going to read it, and I’m probably going to like it.

Second, and this actually is serious, Outside magazine is tracking every cyclist death this year as a part of their initiative to bring awareness to safety (which Rose wrote about earlier this year, too). As a part of that work they also shared a story from a cyclist who was hit by a car and his recovery. This is deadly serious, and I’m glad this movement is bringing awareness.

Of course, some company leadership can’t help but try to regulate the appearance of their women employees even from afar by telling them to wear makeup, which just reinforces the constraints placed on women’s bodies. But there might be another resistance option, now, a Zoom avatar. Also described as an option to mitigate Zoom fatigue, I don’t think my computer is strong enough to do this, but I am glad we’re talking about how Zoom fatigue is a thing.

Looks like DeVos has cemented her role as a villain with the release of the administration’s new Title IX guidelines. Their content, and the associated erosion of victim’s rights in higher education sexual assault allegations is deeply concerning. Lawsuits are already being planned by victim’s rights groups.

In other WTF news, apparently the interwebs are celebrating Adele’s apparent weight loss as a good thing despite it coming on the heels of Adele’s divorce. I’d like to reinforce, again, that it is literally never okay to comment on a woman’s body, especially when it is unsolicited, that celebrating weight loss reinforces fatphobia, and remind you that weight loss can also be symptomatic of a serious illness. Probably best not to comment, in my humble opinion.

I’ve not yet watched (nor do I plan to watch) Tiger King on Netflix, but I have appreciated some of the commentary around it. Two pieces this week were particularly interesting. First, from Bitch Media, a conversation about the misogyny embedded in the show and how it labels and describes women as temptresses without acknowledging their lived experiences. Second, Futurity took the opportunity to talk about the plight of tiger in captivity, bringing us a fact-checking eye to some of the ways that tigers are treated in the world. I might be biased against watch the show, but I’d say these are the two pieces you should read whether or not you’ve watched the show.

Oh and hey, you can’t actually be addicted to sugar.

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