Five quick rice bowl recipes (one for every mealtime)

I’ve decided that the easiest lunch to whip up, other than a salad, is a rice bowl. I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner – they make it easy to get good amounts of whole grains, fat and protein, making them my go-to quick meal. For me, the key is always having brown rice, some pre-homemade made sauces, and lots of healthy veggies ready. And then you mix and match according to your whims so you always have a vegan meal ready to go!

Some of my favorites according to meal type:

For breakfast: Tofu Salsa Bowl

Start with rice (or you can even use cooked oats for a more breakfast-y feel) and add some scrambled or stir-fried tofu, and stir-fried peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Top with your salsa of choice, and you’ve got a filling breakfast!

For lunch: Peanutty Thai Bowl

Start with brown rice (of course) and add some roasted peanuts and a simple peanut sauce (1 T peanut butter, 1 T teriyaki sauce, 1 T soy sauce). Top with stir-fried veggies of choice (I recommend broccoli and carrots) and some fresh sprouts. This is so good – it tastes totally gourmet (to my palate, at least).

For afternoon snack: Sauerkraut-Avocado bowl

Start with rice (or, pre-make some quinoa) and add your favorite kale salad fixins (I suggest chopped kale, walnuts, cucumbers, and lightly steamed asparagus) and with avocado and fresh sauerkraut. The avocado and sauerkraut mix so you don’t even need a sauce! This is one of my favorite meals ever and the warm rice combined with the chilled greens is my favorite comfort food.

For dinner: Bibimbap Bowl

This is my favorite, probably because of the Gochujang (you can even find this Korean BBQ sauce at Walmart). Start with brown rice and add your favorite stir-fried veggies of choice. Add stir-fried tofu and top with liberal amounts of Gochujang. It is so delicious. Sometimes I eat this for breakfast, too.

For dessert: Apple-Cinnamon Bowl

This one is so easy and healthy it’s crazy! Start with warm brown rice (I prefer fresh for this recipe) and add chopped apples mixed with one tablespoon of cinnamon that you’ve microwaved for a minute. Mix with the brown rice and a teaspoon (or two) of agave. So good.

Rice makes any meal quick and easy!

What is your favorite rice bowl?


    1. Laura

      I’ve heard you can eat vegan food even if you aren’t vegan! =) It is quite good!

      Thank you for the nomination – you know I’ll answer those questions and do my best to be clever! =) xoxo


      1. pugrunaholic

        I’m a huge rice fan – hubs isn’t though. So it’s tough some times for dinner when I want rice and he’d prefer pasta.


  1. acookinthemaking

    Haha twins!! I LOVE rice bowls–they make it so so simple to have a delicious meal quickly. I always have cooked brown rice available and then I can get creative. Current favorite is brown rice with 1/2 cup of black beans, 1/2 cup of bufflo jackfruit filling (recipe from Spabettie), and some steamed kale. Yum!


    1. Laura

      I’ve got to check out that jackfruit filling – sounds amazing! I am a sucker for steamed kale in anything. I think I’d put it in my oatmeal if I didn’t eat it every other meal all day long!


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