What I’m missing (a bucket list of sorts)

In a lot of ways I have been living my best life because much of my life is very adaptable to staying at home. But there are a few things I miss that would be good to experience again (in the appropriate time and the appropriate way):

Pools: While open water swim is finally an option the team still isn’t doing group swims so I have to coordinate the logistics to make it happen. It is only a few texts and begging people to help, but swimming without orchestrating a whole ordeal will be nice. Also getting in longer than I normally do in open water and more frequent swimming than once a week.

PBT: My running team is cool and fun. And Tuesday speedwork is way better with other people suffering too. I miss Brewsday Tuesday that isn’t on Zoom and only 40 min long. I miss Saturday long runs with the team at the park.

Water fountains: I am a spoiled runner and generally run where there are fountains so I don’t need to carry water. And bathrooms so I don’t feel like a criminal “borrowing” construction porta-potties. These have been closed for safety so I have to plan more carefully and carry water. Pouty face.

Acai Bowls: There is a place in the Indianapolis City Market that sells the most amazing acai bowls. I get at least one a week. Yes, I have a problem. Yes, I miss them. Also miss being a “regular” there.

Pour Over: If I am going to a coffee shop I can get some high maintenance black coffee that I pay like $5 for something that looks and mostly tastes like drip coffee from good beans. But I’m willing to pay for the experience.

Salon: Man my eyebrows are not something I love trying to maintain on my own. I’m awful at it and wax is just way better.

Church: I miss my church people. I miss the building. I miss serving at the altar. I miss Eucharist. I miss the music. Online isn’t the same even though we’ve done a great job with it.

Indian Buffet: Along the lines of the acai bowls, I usually trough dine at the Indian restaurant downtown at least once a week. It’s basically the most affordable lunch downtown and super tasty. I have ordered delivery from the Broad Ripple location a few times in the past 9 weeks, but it isn’t the same. And then there’s being seeing and seeing people at the buffet. It’s just a thing, ok.

Coffee after Saturday runs: mostly it is just coffee and mostly by myself because I finish after the team. I’m still having coffee at home after I finish running but it isn’t the “indulgent” experience that feels like a reward for a long run.

Racing: I didn’t have many races scheduled for this year because I plan to race Ironman in September. But the fact that it is mid-May and I haven’t toed a single start line for an in-person event since November is really weird. And I don’t know what exactly racing will be like when it comes back. My large scale long distance triathlon extravaganzas may not quite be the same.

The Red Line: I miss my bus rides. Even when things on the bus are weird or not working the way they are supposed to I was loving my great experiment with bus commuting. It will be a while before I need to be in the office and it may be a slow return to the bus. But I miss it.

Grocery shopping: David has been doing our shopping. I haven’t been to the store since March 15th. I put the things I want on our shared grocery list and he gets them, but there’s no opportunity for impulse buys or guilty little pleasures I wouldn’t put on a list.

Spontaneous encounters and conversations: Nothing just happens right now (unless I am out on a ride or run and happen to see someone I know to wave and shout hi). I am not a huge fan of spontaneity but there is something to be said for variety.

I don’t miss much. I don’t miss having to put on “real” clothes for work, or the time commuting takes. I don’t miss crowded places full of strangers.

What are you missing?

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  1. Marie

    I always have a trip lined up – I can’t get my head around the fact that I won’t travel this year – so I’m blocking that one out!
    Our local pub does a great carvery lunch – can’t wait to get back for a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings!
    I’d murder a quarter pounder!!! A McDonald’s drive-in has reopened but its about 12km away (outside our current 5km limit) and the queues are crazy – I’ll have to wait a few weeks for that!
    I miss meeting pals for a walk and coffee.
    I’m not a big shopper but I’ve a craving to get into Dublin city centre and spend ages browsing through the department stores… more than likely, when the opportunity arises, I’ll last about 10 minutes!!
    I really need a hairdresser!

    I can manage without all the above – the most difficult thing for me is that I can’t get to visit my mum every day in her nursing home. Luckily, they’ve had no cases of covid which is fantastic but she can’t manage a phone /skype/etc so its difficult to communicate.

    I love living in leisure clothes! I’m turning into a complete slob.. I decided last week to make an effort and dress up a bit when going to the supermarket for our weekly shop….so I put on a pair of jeans!!


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