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Rose’s (real) bucket list

My COVID-19 world brain was so limited when I wrote my bucket list that I didn’t process that Laura was asking for our “real” bucket lists…so I am coming back around for another attempt.

Here is my non-COVID-19 bucket list. 

Finish an Ironman (again): Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run all on the clock, 17 hour time limit) is a huge undertaking that takes an enormous amount of time, money, and energy to complete. And Ironman’s tagline of “anything is possible” includes race day changes. My last Ironman swim was cut short by the race officials due to a super ridiculous current in the race course. The downriver part we did swim was more than 3x faster than I can actually swim. It was like being shot out of a canon. The bike was cold and wet all day. I am an Ironman. I finished the race that was given to me on race day within the (modified down) time limit. But I would like to finish a full distance no race day edits Ironman.

Take a train ride across Canada: I like trains. I like Canada. It would take too long and have ridiculous logistics to ride my bike across Canada, but I could take a train ride. It would be awesome. I have only been to Ontario so it would be great.

Present at the American Planning Association national planning conference: I have presented at smaller national conferences and at the Indiana chapter conference a number of times. I have never had a session accepted at the national planning conference. This one has been hanging around for a while.

Manage an award winning project: I’ve managed some fantastic projects but never seem to quite get them past the award finish line. Someday. Fingers crossed.

Earn another degree: Either a MPH, MDiv, or a JD. Past undergrad earning degrees has been about the pursuit of knowledge, not anything that will translate into salary or opportunity. These are degrees that would further my knowledge in areas that are interesting to me. But also it is expensive and time consuming, so slides down the list from time to time.

Maybe earn the CEcD certification: Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) was born of the merger of two earlier certifications when i was a young professional. It is a tough certification with a really tough capstone. I have been kicking it around for nearly as long as it has been around. Now it might be appropriate again. But man it is an expensive heavy lift.

What is on your bucket list?

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