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What we saw: June 05, 2020

I love all things magical.  I have been watching two shows that can only be described as magical. Siren is about mermaids, and Motherland: Fort Salem is about fighting witches. Both shows are available on Freeform (Freeform is the new name for ABC Family) You can watch freeform on TV or on your favorite device. Both shows are about women and take place in an alternate reality.  

Motherland: Fort Salem is in its first season. “Set in an alternate America where witches ended their persecution by cutting a deal with the government to fight for the country, Motherland: Fort Salem follows three young women from training to deployment, as they fight terrorist threats with supernatural tactics.” I could easily say that it is my favorite show right. I get so excited to watch every episode. I am so invested in the three young ladies who are the central characters.  Now that season one is over I find that I am a little sad.

The entire season is a bit of a wild ride. The show takes us through the ladies being chosen to go to witch boot camp and their experiences there. The three central characters must learn to overcome their differences and work together as a unit. They come from three very different backgrounds. Raelle Collar has healing powers and her mom died in action in the witch army.  

Tally Craven is the last of her line, she didn’t have to enlist but she did anyway.  Abigail Bellweather is a high society witch from a long line of powerful warriors.  

All of their training is taking place over a backdrop of a society where witches aren’t entirely welcome and a witch terrorist called the Spree is killing non witches.  There are definite undertones that witches are not respected and society and seen as second class citizens. The show is fast paced and each episode reveals more about the world they live in and the forces at work.  It all comes to a head in the season finale when so many unexpected secrets are revealed. I can’t wait for season 2. 

Siren in Bristol Cove is a sleepy coastal town that legends say was once home to mermaids. The central character is a mermaid named Ryn. She comes on land because of disturbances to the marine habitat.  She becomes friends with marine biologists Ben and Maddie who help her adapt to life on land. There are many threats to the mermaids including the navy and Ben’s family the Pownalls. Throughout the seasons we meet more mermaids and learn of the many challenges they face because of pollution from human activities. 

This show explores many themes including environmental activism, tolerance, turbulent family dynamics, grief and unconventional relationships.  It’s hard to talk about this show without giving too much away.  This show would be great to watch right now because there are three seasons to keep you entertained for several hours.  Just be warned you might get sucked in and find yourself waiting anxiously for season four,

Have you watched these shows before? What are your thoughts on them?

What shows should I watch before the next season is released?

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