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What we read: June 12, 2020

Although some of the world might want to resume business as usual, it is critical that we continue to fight for racial justice. Now is the most important time to keep pushing, keep mobilizing, and to keep advocating. It could be all too easy to lose momentum, and if we do, that might allow police and systemic violence against Persons of Color in the United States not only to persist but to strengthen and become even more entrenched. That will happen if we, white folks especially, don’t continue to talk about racism and its effects, educate our white peers, and continue to advocate for and work toward systemic change. The fight isn’t over, nor is it close.

To start, there has been a lot of confusion about what antifa is exactly, especially as US president Trump decided to label them a terrorist organization. Pro tip: antifa is not a terrorist organization.

Next, Yes! Magazine provided an overview if what calls to defund the police means a don might look like in practice.

Returning to the problem when science is recontextualized in the news media and completely misrepresented, this Guardian article breaks down how the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on minoritized groups is a result of structural racism.

And finally, from Grist, a renewed call for activists for environmental change, feminists, abolitionists, and racial justice to work together to fight the structural inequities that lead to racism, violence, and harms against minoritized persons. The structural causes are either the same or related, and we need to come together to fight for meaningful change.

What else should we have read this week? Share in the comments!

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