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The Creative Kind: Artist Donna Marie

This week we’re featuring artists from The Creative Kind, a Facebook Auction Group, The purpose of this group is to create original works of art to be offered during a monthly auction where part of the proceeds from each piece sold will collectively be given to a charity of the artists choice. This month, a portion of the sales will be donated to the Innocence Project. The auction will be held June 23-24 on Facebook.

Our final feature is on artist Donna Marie:

I used to find faces everywhere…in the shape of a rock, in the cracks of the wall. I loved making art and had a wonderful art teacher in grade school who really encouraged me.  I took some art in college but wasn’t happy with my grades and didn’t want to be a mediocre artist.  So I set art aside for a long time, only dabbling in it now and then.  About 20 years later my daughter had Guillion-Barre syndrome; it was an intense and traumatic time, and making art helped me work through those feelings.  That time turned a fledgling daily practice into a passion.  It wasn’t long before I was regularly selling my art, and realizing that I was speaking a universal language of emotion and beauty….that the simplest of paintings can bless a buyer in deep ways.  Now I am in three galleries, sell from my own website and group, as well as the Creative Kind.  I have ongoing series on birch bark, sheet music, and in mixed media.
I love being in the Creative Kind, love my fellow artists and their beautiful hearts.  It’s an opportunity to me to give back a little of what I received in my childhood when my family went through some tough times.  There were times when there wouldn’t have been food to eat without the generosity of others, or Christmas presents.  I feel so blessed that because of the generosity and purchases of our members, we are able to touch lives in the same way.

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