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Contemporary Spinster empowers women through conversations about feminism, socially-conscious fashion, ethically-considered food, sustainable beauty, and life. Traditionally, spinster referred to a woman that was financially independent, regardless of marital status. At Contemporary Spinster, we reclaim and redefine spinster as an empowering affirmation of a woman’s choice to be an individual, regardless of her relationship status, and to make decisions based on personal values, needs, and dreams. Expect to see feminist attitude and beauty tips for women couched within conversations about what it means to be an empowered, strong woman who still cares about style, food, and beauty. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, we take bringing spinster back into the lexicon seriously.

Editor-in-Chief and founder: Laura

Laura is an academic, ultrarunner, and #vanlife dweller who started Contemporary Spinster to provide a virtual space for women-centric writing that is self-aware, social-justice oriented, but also doesn’t take itself too seriously. She is passionate about the outdoors, especially anything related to endurance biking, hiking, and rock climbing and hopes to one day thru-hike the Continental Divide Trail. She writes about eating disorders and body image, shares her medically-necessary gluten-free recipes, provides a critical look at what is in the news through the Friday series What We Read, and writes about women in the outdoors.


Jaymee lives in Eagle Mountain, Utah and has been working in the SAAS space for about 13 years. She has primarily worked in the Salesforce space and loves both the culture and community that has been created by the company. She loves sports, both watching and playing, and enjoys going to games and makes a lot of her trips around sport events she can attend. Jaymee also loves the outdoors and is so excited to be finally starting her own garden focusing on natural and organic gardening methods and growing as many herbs as she can. She has two bi-racial little ones that have given her a different perspective on the world. Jaymee writes about sports, gardening, traveling (road trips specifically), work/life/balance (ha!), my favorite podcasts, mom life and cooking/drinking.

Michelle is a full-time consultant and project manager, travel and food enthusiast, empath and lover all beings, She is a Willie Nelson superfan. Michelle writes about travel, grief, and shares what she has learned about holistic healing.


Rose lives in Indianapolis, IN. She is a community planner with 20 years experience in land use, economic development, housing, and transportation planning. She works for a regional unit of government doing long range transportation planning and shorter range economic development planning and has a bachelor’s degree in urban planning and a master’s in public administration. She and her husband of 20 years live in a historic suburb that part of Indianapolis on the north side. She bus commutes to work most of the time since the bus rapid transit line opened. Rose is a 79 time half-marathon finisher, 10 time marathon finisher, and an Ironman. She was diagnosed with T2 diabetes 12 years ago at age 32 and changed her lifestyle, which was when she started what would be the journey to Ironman (now training for her second). Rose writes about transportation, land use, housing, bike and pedestrian safety, being a healthy “sick” person, and related topics.

Ellen lives in South Bend, IN. She’s been a working artist for about 8 years. Before that, she ran a blog documenting her 105 lb weight loss, which she has maintained now for over 16 years. Ellen spent the last 5 years painting and writing about Spirit Animals, which ended with a recently published oracle deck and companion guide. The topics Ellen writes about are self-awareness/spirituality, finding balance while working as a full-time artist/entrepreneur, and my evolving-relationship with my body and food.

Monetta lives in St. Lucia, a small island nation in the Caribbean, and is 36-years old. She is an author and yoga instructor who suffers from multiple chronic illnesses including asthma. Monetta completed her 200hr teacher training with Faith Hunter Yoga at Embrace Studio in Washington DC. She brings her playfulness and enthusiasm to her classes. Her classes are hatha vinyassa yoga where movement is linked with breath and one pose flows into the next. Her classes focus on building strength, toning and sculpting muscles while relaxing and calming the mind for a full mind body experience. Monetta writes about living with chronic illnesses, shares her delicious recipes, and creates yoga routines and meditations for our readers.

Richelle lives in Utah and is “living the dream” out in suburbia. Richelle focuses on raising her children to not be assholes and writes about enjoying her free time bingeing true crime podcasts and scouring thrift shops for the perfect find!

Ciara is originally from Derry, N.Ireland but has lived and travelled to many places, and for the past 5 years is grateful to call the Caribbean her home. She is 36 years old and works as an optometrist in Barbados, where she enjoys surfing, the outdoors, Caribbean music and dance. Ciara writes about her spiritual journey, travel experiences, outdoor activites and simple vegetarian recipes.

Annie loves tacos, Chacos, and coffee. She loves to write and talk about environmental issues and what sustainability really means. She is eager to learn and always looking around for places to hang her hammock

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